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Hampshire Pet Resort & Spa

It’s a Dog’s Life at Hampshire Pet Resort & Spa

By: Jeanie MayerDreymiller-3.jpg

The local hot spot for happy hounds in the Village can be found at 225 Industrial Drive. A little off the beaten track but still close to downtown, the Hampshire Pet Resort & Spa is a doggie day care offers a fun, safe environment for four-legged friends to run, play and socialize while the family is at work, school or out of town for a few days.

Owner Rob Wyka and his wife, Beverly, had seen the need for a fun, safe place for dogs to burn off energy during the day when they adopted their first dog, Charlie, a Catahoula, Border Collie mix, who was too high energy for the small condo in which they lived.  Rob said he connected with a trainer who told him his dog needed a job, an outlet for his energy, that would leave him tired and happy at the end of the day.  The pair discovered AWI - a competitive disc dog format where high-energy dogs and their owners can play frisbee for points.  

“The activity was great for Charlie, but finding safe places for him and our 3 other dogs to run was always a challenge,”  Lobby.JPG

A few years later, when Rob, a former outside sales representative, took a management position that tied him to a desk, the timing seemed perfect for a change.  Rob began looking for the ideal location to open a doggie day camp for dogs to safely run and play and has been pleased to be a part of the Village of Hampshire since August of 2016.

“The whole community has helped us get on our feet.  Our first two customers where the Mayor and the Village Clerk,” Rob said.

At the Pet Resort, dogs are sorted by size, speed and temperament so that all the pets have the chance to run and play in a safe environment. Dogs are also able to board at the resort.  There they are able to catch some zzz’s in one of the various sized suites located in themed rooms aptly named The Cabin and The Beach House because of their fun decor. 

“The more I looked around, the more I realized Hampshire was the best fit for us.  There are no other doggie daycare places west of us.  I like it that we are tucked away, but still so close to downtown,” Rob said.

In addition to the day camp, the Hampshire Pet Resort & Spa offers overnight boarding with discounts for multiple dogs, eight-week training classes for both puppies and older dogs, and a do-it-yourself dog wash that provides a professional wash station, a bevy of shampoos and a specialized blow dryer designed for K-9s.  Plus, the staff cleans up the mess, so clients can feel free to leave when they finish.   For owners who don’t want to wash their own pups, Rob provides a basic wash, dry and nail trim at a very reasonable rate.  

“There is another groomer in town for the fancy haircuts and services.  Most of our clients are farm dogs and family pets that have gotten dusty or muddy.  They want a clean dog and the nails trimmed,” Rob said.Reception-area.JPG

Rob said he loves the community of Hampshire, from the new businesses and improvements that are happening downtown to the small-town feeling where everyone knows everyone.

“Every client that has come through our door has been through word of mouth.  The community is so tight-knit.  It’s a positive,” he said. 

More than anything, Rob said his clients love knowing that their dog isn’t just sitting in a kennel all day.  They are being socialized and having fun with other dogs and the employees at the spa.

“People like that when they pick up their dogs, they are tired and happy.  A tired dog is a good dog,” he said.


About This BusinessDreymiller-4.jpg

Name:  Hampshire Pet Resort & Spa
Address:  225 Industrial Drive, Hampshire
Phone:  224-218-1222
Motto:  A tired dog is a good dog!
Run… Romp… Wag!!!

Daily Rate:  $30 5-Day Rate:  $125 for a 5-day pass that’s good for 12 months and does not need to be used on consecutive days.
Boarding:  $50/day with discounts for multiple dogs.
Do-It-Yourself Bath:  $10 per pup
Grooming: Bath & Nails $25, Nails only $10, Bath only $30 

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