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Hampshire Pharmacy
Serving the Village Since 2011

By: Jeanie MayerDreymiller-3.jpg

When it comes to serving the health needs of their customers, the owners and staff of Hampshire Pharmacy are always there with a smile and a helping hand.  Owners Rupal and Parag Maniar offer full pharmacy services, plus medical supplies and drugstore items to their Hampshire customers.

The pharmacy was first opened in 2011 and was located along Oak Knoll Drive.  In 2014, the pharmacy was moved to its current location on the north end of the downtown.

Rupal said both she and Parag had spent their most of their careers as pharmacists working in large retail chains.  When they decided to open their own independent pharmacy, Hampshire seemed like a perfect fit.

“I like the small town.  It’s great.  You know everybody’s name and what they are here for.  You can relate to them.  You get to hear about their grandchildren.  Here, our customers become like our family members,” Rupal said.

Counter-(1).JPGCustomers enjoy the local pharmacy for the personal attention they receive at the store.

“Our customers like our service.  We take time to help them with questions and concerns.  We check to see if we have coupons to bring down the price,” Rupal said.

While large chains offer RX saver cards and membership discounts, Hampshire Pharmacy offers discounts without membership fees.

“Anybody that does not have insurance, we give a discounted price,” Rupal said.

The pharmacy offers a delivery service for those customers who are unable to get out of their homes.  They also strive to make it easier for patients and caregivers who must manage multiple prescriptions.  Through the use of their pill packaging service, customers can rest assured that an entire month of medications is pre-packaged and organized day by day.

“Many people are taking care of their parents and it is hard for them to keep track of all the medications.  It is a great thing for both seniors and caregivers to have each day’s prescriptions prepared.”

Rupal said they try to be responsive to the products people are interested in purchasing.  From specialty soaps to essential oils to CBD products that treat everything from pain to pets, Hampshire Pharmacy strives to meet the demand of local residents.

Rupal said Parag spent a year researching CBD products to find the highest quality brands to offer to their customers.  They now offer a full line of products and even sell wholesale to other independent pharmacies.

Rupal said she is looking into offering more organic products for her Hampshire customers.

“We are always looking for suggestions if people want us to bring different things into the store.  I don’t want to sell the same things other stores sell.  I’d like to offer specialty products that people can’t find elsewhere.”


About This BusinessDreymiller-4.jpg

Name:  Hampshire Pharmacy
Owners: Parag and Rupal Maniar
Address:  260 N State Street, Hampshire
Phone:  224-6832244
Hours:  Monday - Friday 10am to 7pm, Saturday
10am to 3pm. Closed Sunday

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