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Village Adopted Codes

The Building Department is responsible for assuring that all construction meets lot zoning, building, life safety, health and property maintenance code requirements as specified by Village ordinance. Most projects require building permits to ensure that these code requirements are being addressed.

Village Codebook Chapter 5 - Building Regulations
(includes all amendments below and more information such as administration, landscaping, wind/solar energy systems, and residential design regulations)

2006 International Building Code with Amendments
2006 International Residential Code with Amendments
2006 International Mechanical Code with Amendments
2006 International Fuel Gas Code with Amendments
2018 International Energy Conservation Code as Amended by the State of Illinois
2006 International Fire Code with Amendments
2006 International Property Maintenance Code with Amendments
2005 National Electrical Code
2006 International Electric Code Administrative Provisions with Amendments
2006 International Plumbing Code with Amendments
2014 Illinois State Plumbing Code
2018 Illinois Accessibility Code
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